Friday, May 28, 2010

Holiday and Work

So today is public holiday here in Malaysia, but I still cant take a break due to piling orders. But at the same time I am so happy getting all the orders- dont get me wrong. And finally I finished some of the orders and ready to pack those to post when I realized that the I finished all the (BIG) envelopes. So there, they have to wait till tomorrow.

Anyway, I have this thought to be discussed. When you are running your own business, we are suppose to feel happy because you work hard for yourself, and you do things you like and things that customers happy to received. But, when it comes to this doing-the-business-you-like and you run it AT HOME, people around you did not recognize it as a business because its AT HOME, unless you have a shop. That is when people will label it as serious business, which I think that is not acceptable. Because no matter where you do it, it is still a business, and no matter big/small is the business, you still have to consider it as an income and you have to take care of it with really full care, because it depends on YOU. Am I right?

No, Im not angry or in a moody mood now, only that, I have a weddings to attend and these orders, and I appreciate when my other half was kind enough to bring my little ones to feed the fish and let me finished all the sewing and we only will attend the wedding which is tomorrow because of ME (we planned to go one day earlier since this is a close cousin's wedding). How he understand that Im so passionate in what I am doing and willing to tolerate with no lunch during this public holiday instead he bought a dozen of donuts for me to eat? Do I need more than that? Not to mentioned when I said Im craving of sweet Wondermilk cupcakes and cookies and he brought me half dozen of cupcakes and 2 jars of cookies and another trip to 7 eleven with lots of chocolates and no sugar vitagen so that I can snack in between sewing? That is more than enough. The understanding.

So, now, Im packing the bags and clothes to wear for tomorrow, and I realized that my daughter has nothing new to wear! OMG. She can wear the same red dress, she dont mind that. I know. :)

On the other note, I made a new badge for my web/blog and put it in the sidebar. See, I did that and having breakfast the same time this morning. Till then.

Enjoy your weekend!

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ps: tgh busy2 masak telor or sardine je.. LOL!