Thursday, May 27, 2010

What made me cry

Hello angels!

I'm very super duper busy at the moment, but I squeeze my little time to write this. Every morning before I start doing work, I will read all the blogs in my favorite and blog list. I am excited what people out there are up to. One of my idol's blog is a must.But then this morning, reading her blog, and other people's blog (they wrote something about her) makes me cry.

Who's my Idol? (in this sewing business)
Anna Maria Horner

See..Anna just gave birth, em maybe not just coz Roman is 9 months old now.. I think so, but then the process of making her latest book, Handmade Beginnings was since Roman in the tummy, and she has 5 kids to manage as well. Roman is number 6. How she juggles her life? I don't think that I handle my only daughter well.

I value time very much up to the extent I scared to sleep, scared I cannot finish the orders, or I cannot find new inspirations, or scared of what if I sleep and I didn't wake up the next day, what will happen next. That kind of scared. But after reading the 2 posts, I cried. OK here what Anna said in her latest book.

"What has taken me precisely six children and countless handmade items to realize, is that this sewing, or nurturing, which is intended mostly for the baby or our home, perhaps benefits me more than any one in the family. Slow hand-stitching forces me off my tired feet and allows me to pay attention to the subtle bumps and squirms of the little one within. Running my hands over potential fabrics for the baby's clothing to check for softness sets my mind into daydreams of what color eyes or hair the baby might have. Using what brain power is still available to me while pregnant, I ponder the design of a nursery quilt which gives me less time to ponder those natural fears and doubts that come with motherhood. All this to say — sewing while expecting has kept me healthy, centered on what matters — more joyful than not."

I have her first book where she said,
"Do you have 500-square foot studio? Great! You only have a spare bedroom? Perfect! What did you say, a mere corner in the laundry room? Oooo cozy! Just the dust floor of a coat closet? That'll do; get a broom and let's go to work!"

I first bought the book when I was starting the journey of sewing. I brought that book to my short trip to Port Dickson and read that sentence and I was so ready to work. Its not how big/small your space are, as long as you have space, you can create, you can be creative.

So, who's your idol in this sewing/crafting business? Lets share!



Adah said...

I consider you as lucky May. Even sometimes you felt stress thinking of your sewing timeline but at least you love and enjoy you work. I love sewing and programming. But I have to choose makan gaji for the sake of secure monthly income but day after day I cannot feel the enthusiasm of my current job anymore and I also don’t have time for sewing because my children deserve it more. I envy people like you, can turn your passion in sewing as your income. Wish you all the best.

IMAN said...

mine is Anna too..
i adore her style..her creativity..her time management..her writing as well..and not to forget her fabric are too gorgeous. Although it seems to be plain on pic, wait until we see it live!

MyBotanG said...

very inspiring entry dear..
I'm heading over to Anna's blog to catch up on her story right after this.. thanks for the inspiration!! Have a nice day..and no matter how busy you get, take it easy kay.. dont forget to enjoy yourself along the way :D