Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sunhats marathon

As expected, I was on sunhats marathon the whole last week. It was fun and entertaining only the part when I got flu and fever in the middle of it.

Not because of the marathon, but because I was too much under full blast air-cond. I just cant stand air cond 24x7 but seeing my daughter cant sleep well because she was sweating, I gave in. So one day break from sewing giving my strength back to complete all orders.

I want to share this one picture although the picture is not that clear, taken using my phone in the middle of the nite, or was it early morning? I found this sunhat is beautifully structured. I didnt notice this until I put this on my rattan is beautiful. Thanks for the order.

Im closing all orders for adult sunhat, and might be opening it back by next month...And few more fabric going to be uploaded within next week..As usual the ready made sunhats are all in the Okinokiyo Bigcartel Shop.

Till then, have a nice day people! :)



Anasfadilah said...

comel la ur sunhat! im in the middle of making my son a fisherman hat,which turn out crooked..tapi lantak lah,nak buat pakai snediri aje pon..hahahah!

p/s:cantik the fabric sunhat tu :)

okinokiyo said...

dila : hahaha crooked tak crooked mak sendiri buat kan ke syiok kan?

ha ni customer punya. fabric bird in white..matching with red denim. lawa gilerrr bila dah siap