Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hearts overload

Hello readers,

Since I am a bit free to do some R&D, I did these 2 sunhats for testing using new pattern. And I managed to get it RIGHT!

These two are for 3-4 year old size and I need to work out for 2-3 year old size later today. And as usual my little ones is the guinea pig :)

I should say this is a dressy sunhat. Because your girl will look so girly wearing this, plus the colorful fabric..only that it is not as practical as the normal sunhats I sell because that one can be fold easily and put in your bag, but this sunhat, the brim is too big and you have to make sure the brim is nicely fold, else, you wont get the flowy brim...

I will upload more pictures when Nasya is wearing it and show how big is the brim yeah? Maybe I have to wait till the sun to come out, maybe around noon later. And I need to accessorize it a little bit..if time permits.

And do you like the prints? Its Amy Schimler's heart fabric prints. I adore her prints so much! The heart prints are a must have. I think now I have all the heart prints and they sold fast :) Will upload the 2 prints in the FB album anytime now.... :)

Till then...err did I mentioned that they are reversible? ;p


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