Friday, July 16, 2010

An Eclipse Fan ;p


So, yesterday was gloomy.Right after I wrote the post, it was raining, till the evening. Drizzling and I was horribly sick, so I went to clinic and now on medication.

Today is better. I was fresh and really happy to see mr sunshine :) I have plans as well..since the sun was out and I have something to buy, I need to go out. I hardly go out on weekdays only if I have something to buy or somewhere to go. I hardly eat outside too...

I wonder if anybody notice that I have not write any post on What Nasya wears lately? Because she has no new dress to wear..I actually did buy some new fabric purposely for her, but I havent got the time to sew....

So this is something Eclipse Inspired :p.. Yeah Im a Twilight Saga Die Hard Fan...I went to see the movie with my sister last Monday... The hairband, I bought from a bazaar friend during our bazaar early of the month. Its a simple and cute!

I sew the dress last night..A simple one..anybody can do this I guess..And the most important is she can freely move when wearing it. That it what matter most to me... I think I will make a matching cloche for her. She prefers cloche and I will make a red ribbon maybe..:)

The closest image of the hair band

Till then, I will write another entry of the wide brim sunhat by next week. Can you wait till Monday? :D



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