Monday, July 19, 2010

Wide Brim Sunhat

Hello people,

*This is an elaboration entry of the Hearts Overload post.*

So that day, when I was taking pictures of Nasya in her Eclipse Inspired dress, I asked her to pose with this wide brim sunhat. She is so happy because, this little girl hates sun & wind so much. Can you believe that???

Yes, she hates sun. She dares to stand in the shade, not moving if she sees the sunlight in front of her, as if Edward Cullen was inside while Bella & her mom sun bathing outside their house. She is that type of girl. I dont know why & when she started to hate sun.. :p Maybe after I make sunhats for living..maybe...

Ok, so these 2 pictures tell all. How big is the brim and how the brim flows when you are wearing it...Did I mentioned that this is a dressy sun hat? Yes, for me its a dressy sunhat because you will not wear this on purpose when you want to go to shop across the road. I will say, this is a perfect beach sun hat, or a perfect sun hat when you have a photo shoot...but still, you can wear this just like Nasya wear it, under the sunlight from the lift to the car park..hahaha.

Size available are for 2-3 year old and 3-5 year old. *Age 3-5 is the same standard size.*

And the price is RM30 flat, and please include RM6 shipping via Pos total will be RM36..As usual, place your order asap before the fabric is gone okay? Email me ok

Care instructions : Strictly hand wash only, hang it by clipping it using the cloth pegs at the brim or just flatten it. Fold in half only to store.

And guess what, I will load this few days with lots of new sunhats for sale!! Who are following me on twitter know this. I made baby night hats last nite..woot woot!! Stay tune tomorrow!!

Till then, Im going to the post office. xoxo.



Kak Ton @ Kak Lily said...

so sweet..i wish i cud sew nicely like u..:) must try harder..wud love to meet u at subang parade one day..

okinokiyo said...

Hi Kak Lily,
Do drop by at Subang Parade when you're day you can too! dont worry and thanks for dropping by!