Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New sun hat : A military like sun hat

Please dont get bored with me..Im just in the phase of making new things and improving current things...

So here, a new military-like sun hat....and I personally like this one because it covers all the head, and it looks a little bit boyish to me..So, meaning, your little ones can wear this with pants..and this is a perfect sunhat for boys!!

So, come take a look. I used boy prints fabric for this one and Nasya really like this blue castle prints! Ok, so I let her wear this. FYI this is a 2-3 year old size.

This is how it looks from the side...

Top view

Front view

Close up at the brim

So, what I used to make this sun hat? As usual, its a reversible sun hat, and I used an interfacing for the brim so that it has some structure. I used an elastic at the back so it can stretch a little bit, meaning you can use this sunhat longer.

Okay, one thing more, this sun hat, apparently use more fabric than the normal ones. So, meaning, I have to charge higher..So this one, pricing the same as the wide brim sunhat, altho the brim is small, but as I mentioned earlier, it covers all the head. And do not forget, its reversible.

Price is RM30 not including shipping.

Care instructions : Strictly hand wash only, hang it by not clipping it the cloth pegs at the brim. Clip it at the back of the sun hat. Do not fold the brim when storing.

And I promise the night hat will be tomorrow's entry, yeah? :p

We were going to the market when taking this pictures and my dear Nasya wanted to bring all her dolls. But I made her bring only 2. All her dolls are pink and bald! hehe



Lan0stZz said...

eiii comelnye! mcm topi pocoyo.

okinokiyo said...

lana : haah bila u ckp pun i rasa mcm pocoyo..dah la biru

Ummu Hurairah said...

:) jual tak fabric?? kalau jual berapa/meter? saye mcm suke kat cupcake tu..