Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Busy me Busy her

I snapped a photo of one of the pot holder I made for one customer. Quilted it and Im happy with the outcome. Think maybe when I have the time, I can try do quilting..Because its pretty easy doing it with the industrial machine.

And when I was busy packing the items, there came a little lady, playing with the stamp pad & stamp, stamping all over the paper.

She was practicing writing her A-Z when she thought "that stamp is so cool and I should try stamping my paper" and totally forgot to continue after her "I".

And lace bow..one of the new embellishment for the sunhat.. :) Do request and ask if you are interested as I haven't updated it in the shop yet.

Price each is RM10.90 for dual color, and RM5.90 for single color. Its a removable bow, and so, you can opt to pin it or not. Can be use as accessories on your shirt as well.

Till then, have a nice day.


sisdee said...

wah cantiknya...bow tu huhuhuhu...err...ish...later kita inform nk kaler pe ek...tgk baju sarah dulu :)

kat hat bole letakkan :D

Fynnaz said...

Tak sabarnya nak tgk IRL! Excited ni! Tgk pic pun dah cun hehe.

Fynnaz said...

Anyway it's no longer 'something for a lil girl' cause there's something for a big girl too! Weeee! Hehe.