Friday, October 22, 2010

Nasya busy days with mommy handmade outfit

I was on my 3 days out of the house to find some stuff and to restock my supplies. So, whenever I go, I drag this little towkay along since she doesnt want to go to playschool.

First day - Nasya with the Matroshyka doll printed dress.
Went to get Iphone4 for my husband. Its his birthday :) So I snap this picture using his Iphone while Nasya played with my Iphone; at Machine store. I got myself a Nike Ipod thingy where I can slot it in my shoe when running. So, that device linked with the Iphone and record the history of my workout. Pretty cool because I know how much calories I burned.

Second day - Nasya in the knot dress for recently Eid.
We went to the stationery shop and she went crazy wanted to buy the unnecessary.

Third day - Nasya in a vintage paperdoll printed skirt with Mothercare sleeveless top.
I went to see a sifoo for advices and tips for the coming fashion show since I have no experience at all and grab this cute little headband for her from the shop. Lucky she was on her nap and I could talk for one hour with no interruption :p. She's one happy bunny because she said, she looked like Minnie, with the skirt and bow headband.

So thats what Nasya wore on the 3 busy days outing with me. We are so tired and sleep very early those nights and today, Im work as usual from HOME. Happy!

Happy Friday to all of you and have a great weekend!

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IzzyB. said...

pic#1 - i was wondering camne nama okinokiyo ada kat station putih kedai tu. now i realised, tu watermark ye.

pic#3 - dah nampak cantik dah anak dara ni. no more "cute".