Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fashion Show - The Story

A month earlier, I got an email asking if I want to join a fashion show and high tea for a charity event. As I blog earlier, I didnt response on the spot because I thought that is a spam email. To cut the story short, after few meetings with the teacher, I started making hats. Btw the fashion show was held on 23 Nov 2010 at Garden International School, Mont Kiara.

I was asked to make hats for the students, age 13-16++ and they were wearing clothing they made. Can you believe it? They made their own costume! And the costume is in a Mad Hatter's & Alice in Wonderland theme. Cool! So cool I dont even want to show how impressed I was when the teacher told me :p

So, they hats I was making were in cerise & white, all gold, red and white and totally white. 4 funky hats, a mad hatters' hat and Alice's big bow. They were few other designers on the day -Raffles Design Institute came with 6 designs of costume *this made me nervous because Raffles?? OMG I am so little*, 3 extravagant and unique hair accessories from Breman W and Amanda Brown came with her 3 paper (if not mistaken) couture. Paperrr guys! She is soo creative. I even saw backstage how she fold the paper from scratch and make it a costume.*I turned to totally little creature on that day LOL They were big names!*

Sewing is easy but pattern construction with a cardboard and sewing is emm..pretty complicated. There a lots of tutorial to make a mad hatters' hat. I used this one, its easy, but to wait for the glue to dry is tiring because you want to go the next process but you just cant since the glue is not dry.

I will go on how to make the hats in another entry.

As an appreciation, designers were told to make our own product and the models can parade our hats. I love it to the max. So I came out with few new designs for the sunhat. I made 8 new sunhats and requested 8 7-8 year old students to walk the runway on the day.

Apparently out of 8 mini models I requested for, 2 turned out and the rest, NONE. So I was a bit frustrated and I didnt want only 2 models walk the runway coz I dont want people see only 2 creations from okinokiyo? And my daughter was not there to make it 3 mini models because she had class on the day. This is the sad thing I mentioned in the facebook, but I know the 4 hats will be paraded, so Im a bit ok.. So I waited for the 4 hats..I didnt worry much about the mad hat and bow since that are being wore the whole event by the teachers - who were the hosts of the event. So, that made me proud enough...

When the 4 hats came out, they walked so fast, not like the rehearsed before. I didnt know if Kak Zubye managed to capture all the hats... She still doing some editing at the moment. I guess they are a bit nervous since they crowd kept clapping when one by one models came out.

I have few pics only with the models backstage and Im waiting for that pics too and after event, when I went backstage, all models already in their school uniform! They changed in seconds! Another frustration. That day was a school day btw but I dindt expect they were so fast. Not only them, the settings - softboards used as divider and chairs also being organized back to normal in split seconds.

These pics taken using my Iphone and not in best quality. My sister took some pics using my camera but turned out blur for all pics! She used a Macro mode and zoom mode at the same time, so I didnt find any good picture to share with you guys.

Alice wearing my bow

One of the hat

Despite my frustration the mini models didnt turn out, I was happy tho because I gained this experience- see how to plan for a fashion show, and what to expect and not to expect when planning event like this. I learnt a lot and cant say how much thanks to the teacher - Ms Linda Hurley for giving me this opportunity. I just wish I have a backup plan expecting no mini models will turn out and maybe bring some of my customers to walk the runway eyh?

But things happen and Im now ok with that, and good things from this is, I have many other plans after seeing what other designers do and how they do it. I learnt a lot, seriously.

And many people asked me, how the teacher found me? Simple answer Google.Im in the 5th ranking if you type sun hat or sunhat. So, to let people notice you, use simple keywords.

Tutorial on how to make the hats, later okay?


zubye said...

Hi Mai..
I'm seriously proud of you! You are making a great move.. and I love the hats very much.. it's not easy to make..with a very short notice. but you really did it! sewing doesn't mean you just need creativity, but a talent too.. I hope you know that you are really a talented person. All the best to you and Okinokiyo Shop! I'm surely buy one for my photog props.. esp the mad hatter's design. Very cool!

okinokiyo said...

thanks kak zubye! i havent collect the mad hatters hat. will do so lah..

thanks for capturing the event and cant wait to see the pics!

Starry Eyed said...

congrats kak mai! u rock! :)

LizOthman said...

Hi Dear,
Read your story and touched by your frustration. Been there and know how it feels. But u are right, the experience is priceless. BTW, love your hats and hope u'll find more opportunities to fulfill ur dream in the future.

okinokiyo said...

zakiah, thanks dear!

Kak liza : ohh my, thanks for visiting my page. yeah,the frustration was there but now is gone, the experience of being there was priceless...happy for that opportunity actually :D

Adah said...

congrate Mai!! Kalu tau ble tlg jd tukang amek gambar sbb GIS tuh dekat jer ngan umah ;). Love your ribbon bow yg cekgu GIS pakai tu. Looking foward to see the rrest of your hat for that day..