Friday, November 26, 2010

Chinese Bookfair & Book for sale!

I didnt miss this year Chinese Book Fair at Mines Convention Center so I went with my daughter as usual. My house and The Mines is like 5 mins away :D. Having other twitter/blogger friends make it easier because they sometimes tweet or blog about this. For this event, usually Neeza will go first and I being a lazybum just ask her where were the booths with lots of craft books since all the signage are in Chinese... :p Thanks a lot to Neeza!

I went on Wednesday morning after finished sending all the orders to my customers, right after the fashion show. It was tiring day but after seeing all the books I felt so excited! Crafters know how it feels like. :) All the books are sold at 20% off. So its a bargain!

Last year there was an MPH booth but this time around-none! So I bribe my daughter a box of crayon at RM16 and she was happy.

This is the first batch of book I got. Yes, I went there twice hahaha..The front right side is a Suzuko Koseki's book, price at RM23.40 after less.. I bought 2 zakka books and a children basic dress book (left side, back). Thats the expensive one but after less is not more than RM50.

The second trip was last nite. I told my husband I feel like going again, so we had dinner in Mines and I got another 3 books. The far left (same as mine) is for sale and the most right, I loan it to Hath coz I am busy with other things now...

So, the far left book is for sale. Great for beginner! Some crafters did ask me how I learn sewing, I said by books only and basic to cut, and to operate sewing machine is from my MIL. This is a Taiwanese book and same as Japanese books, it has clear picture, measurement (in cm) and all the patterns included.

It has 24 dresses pattern and 6 accessories pattern. Below is the sneak peak. Im selling at RM43 and plus RM6 poslaju fee = RM49. The actual price is RM54.30 and it was the last book on the shelf :p

Do let me know who is interested - email me

I will update about the fashion show, by today as well. :D

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