Friday, November 19, 2010

Fashion show lalala~

OMG I dont know how come I am so busy..But I am..Hopefully after this, I can be myself back. The house is so mess with everything!

I havent mentioned what is my role in the fashion show right?? I tweeted the pic few hours ago, so do follow me on twitter (okinokiyoShop) and I just finished making the ....


Yeah, the theme is Alice In Wonderland! They are having this fashion show, hi tea for charity and those students - the models I mean will be wearing my version of mad hats! Isnt it wonderful? Yeah yeah! but thing is, the process is soooo not easy hahaha. I will elaborate more after this..Because I snap pics step by step process to share with you guys here...

The moment I write this entry, I just finished pasting tulle flowerS on one of the hats...So, the table is full of glue, my hand, every single thing.. The process so not easy. But I enjoy the process, even though at some point I just so give up because the outcome didnt come out as expected.

I want to sleep now, *while waiting the glue to dry*.. <-- that is my favorite phrase this some sneak peak...lalalala

Thanks to husband who is willing to wear the mad hat, when the glue still not dry and right after he took off the hat, his hair is full of glue.. :p

The rehearsal is on Sunday, so, I will be MIA until Wednesday (the DAY), because I plan to sleep and enjoy myself on that Wednesday, and orders is open officially on THURSDAY! But strictly on sunhats only!

And good thing is, I engaged one photographer, to snap snap pics on the day, and that day also, I will launch few new designs of my sunhats! Another yeayy....

I better sleep now..Buh bye!

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peah @ peps said...

gugur jantung...i love it!

nanti right after my dotter rania masuk kindy..ada fashion show..i know where to hit..definitely yours!

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