Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Craft Party #2 - Sugar Scrub and Bath Salt by HandmadeKL

Yayyy!! I finally managed to squeeze in my time to join this party. It was held at Wondermilk Cafe early Sunday morning and we were so excited due to many empty parking space :p

Nasya tagged along and she enjoying the party more than me. And in the end I need to sit next to her and entertaining her rather than chatting with the other participants.

This party was organized by Murni, owner of Mimpi Murni and HandmadeKL. She was great answering our questions one by one and went from one table to another and I bet she's been answering the same questions again and again LOL. I love Wondermilk deco and Murni herself prepared the buffet table so nicely arranged with labels and all and she shared all the info where to get the ingredients and all.

Below are the pictures taken by my husband. Yeah he was there too! :p

Other photos please view here.

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