Thursday, December 23, 2010

Okinokiyo stuff at AzGiftBaskets

I am super active in twitterland :) I tweet almost every hour while working. Mind you my working enviroment is in this combination - daughter crying, yelling, messing around me, cutting, sewing, checking emails and etc...

So, we - myself and Kak Milie, owner of Az Gift Baskets sometimes (or is it a lot? :p) chat in twitter. So one day, she wanted to have some Okinokiyo items for the basket. I was excited and made a bloomer, sunhat and a MYtinyROOM pillow for her.

And until a few weeks back, there was an order for that basket and I was so excited. Lucky enough I finished all my orders a day before and I can make the items for the basket. I am so proud to contribute my things in the basket since I adore Kak Milie's workmanship. Now her baskets are one of the Christmas baskets in Jusco!

photo by AzGiftBasket

So, let say you wanted to give a beautiful basket to somebody special, go to Az Gift Baskets and you can get 2 in 1 package. An Okinokiyo stuff and her nicely decorate basket.


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Sheffa said...

Hai there! I love all your collections and this basket is really cute :)
Good job!