Saturday, February 12, 2011

Absece and Crafty Art Market

We were away (read:busy) this few days due to my lil ones was sick. She has to extracted few teeth due to cavities and becoz of that, I limited my orders of the week. I was busy looking after her, worrying if she might be having fever due to the pain. Luckily she is not.

The procedure was on 8th Feb and 9th was her birthday and until now, she is not having any birthday cake yet, because Im having trouble cleaning her teeth so I limited any high sugary food at the moment. But dentist said, she should take ice creams. So, now what I did is, I frozen all her yogurt so she eats the frozen yogurt. :)

To celebrate her no-birthday-cake-birthday, we brought her to KL Bird Park Saturday afternoon. She complained of hungry when we were still in the car, so I fed her in the car. I had this mother instinct that she might need to eat home cooked food, so I packed rice and chicken soup earlier. When we arrived, we told her, we wanted to eat first since the parents were damn hungry.

So these were some views...Good that we sat outside where we could see the birds flying freely but, apparently, she scared like hell. The birds were quite playful, they came to visitors plate and ate some people's food :). We were laughing but to her, that was so scary, end up she wanted us to carry her, and demanded to go back home LOL

These were pictures we brought her out a week earlier, after I am tired of sewing. We usually spent hours at book store. She cried because she wanted a sticker book :)

And last but not least friends, I will be in Jaya One this weekend for Crafty Art Market. Do come as I have some new items. A crafty friend will be joining me as well and I am super excited. Do not miss it! Im busy sewing ready made felt crown, and some new excited to be there to meet you all.

Happy Monday!


sisdee said...

alah..ciannya nasya...dah okay lum? fuh sama jek ngan sarah klu nk sthing sure nangesss :(

happy belated bday nasya :)

croft said...

ah, about the etsy crafty market tu. i dah sedih dah ingatkan dah terlepas...but it's this week, yay. see u there. & also, happy belated birthday to Nasya

Maizura Okinokiyo said...

kak daya : nasya still recovering..

croft : datang tauu!