Monday, February 7, 2011

Inspiring Saturday

I woke up on Saturday morning and decided to make something for my lil one. This has been postponed for so many times so I think I should not delay it anymore. Since her birthday is getting closer, I want to shower her with my handmade stuffs.

First in my list is the Tshirt dress. I did this once. She has this one pink tshirt which I think she wore it once only because I keep forgotten she has that. A day earlier, she was asking if she could have a same pink whale dress as the one I made for a customer. I said yes, so, there was it, tshirt dress!

In half and hour, it was done. Supposed I can finish it earlier, but I calculate the width wrongly so I had to cut another piece :p *talking about over confidence* This is the tutorial.

She wore it on the same day!

And then after finishing the tshirt dress, I thought of making a baby pouch for her. She loves pretend play. And every single day, I need to tie her napkin around her to make the pouch. Then I was browsing the net and found this tutorial and decided, ok, lets make it!

She loves it! And another on still in progress is her picnic blanket. Arghh that one is super tiring. I dont understand how some quilters can do that. I salute their patience. Really.

Then late Saturday nite, I was cleaning up my fabric stash, I have this idea to make her this skirt! It was verrrrry late. I finished it at 3am I think. And I named it Little Helper Skirt. I like it so much because of the colors. I love contrast colors nowadays so as usual, she will be the guinea pig! Simple and easy to move around skirt, and yet really fun. This skirt will be in the Etsy Crafty Market this 19th Feb!

That is how we celebrated CNY here.. Sit at home, sewing and cleaning up and end of the day, we treat ourselves some sugar :D *Nasya was wearing her past 2 yo cheongsam*

Happy Monday!


Siti Fatimah said...

nasya u're so luck that u have a mummy that can jahit baju for u babe...keep up ur gud work mai ure so creative i love the dress too :D

Anonymous said...

skirt and baby pouch adalah sgt cantik. lps branak, told hb i wanna learn sewing gak. nak jahit benda2 simple seperti ptg kaki seluar and stuff. i paid RM15 just to cut a seluar. so u can see my motivation, eh?

Mila@Rimbun said...

The Lil helper skirt is so cute..

arifhayati said...

menarik la tshirt dress ni..tetiba nk satu utk diri sdiri bleh?? ;)
lamanye tak jumpa nasya.