Friday, February 4, 2011

Dresses and Crafty Market

I didnt realised today is Friday until my husband reminded me. So, okay, up to today, I still havent finish completing orders.

These were the pics I tweeted during the week...

Pink whale fabric - Dresses and sunhats

Lovely batik - customer's fabric to make a dress.
Do you know you can send me your own fabric so that I can make a dress?
And some of them, I havent start yet, hehe.

Crafty Market, by Etsy Malaysia
And, by mid of Feb, I will be joining a Crafty Market! Meet me at The Bee, Jaya One, PJ. One day only. So do drop by okay? Many other vendors will be there too. We are under Etsy Malaysia team. Im so excited as Im coming up with some new little range under Okinokiyo Brand :)

See you there!


alamaya said...

oo.ada team etsy malaysia ehh......dah lama tak tgk etsy....pala asyik weng sajek.....

Anonymous said...

menarik...insyallah, we'll be there.

Siti Fatimah said...

oh mai the dress looks so nice im so excited ok n i hope sofia can fit it yeah really cant wait and i will take a photo when sofia wear its k :D gud job dear (y)