Friday, March 11, 2011

Munch at work

You know when you are working at home, laptops and computers are your enemy?

Why I said that, by surfing too much, I might go overboard and all my time planning go haywire. I usually will spend until at 10am replying emails and then only start sewing until noon, then stop for a while to cook for my lil ones and then some time to refresh and invoice making will only start at 3pm - everyday.

I will try to bloghop to other people blogs but most of the time, I only do that before I sleep at late nite..or can you say early morning? But, wait now is 7 minutes to 12 noon and I havent started sewing and many more emails to reply iskk iskk. HELP!

The clean view I can share, and that is only 10% of the cut fabric and mess I made last nite.

You know that I have other business and that one too is taking much time. Not that I complained, I am grateful actually for this rezeki, but just to enlighten some people's thoughts that staying at home is easy. It is actually not...Oh and tomorrow while visiting the supplier, my husband will assist with the printing of the other biz. Thank GOD.

And, that time planning didnt include if the lil one spill drinks, wet her clothes, crying wanted attention, lost her toys and many other dramas.

Wait, Im writing this because, I wanted to apologize coz I am taking time to upload the new fabric at the FB, coz it takes lots of time..and finally I did the pending "to do list" phew...And, I know I owe some of you invoices, will do that at 3pm today..See, the nuts made me awake, at least..

Happy weekend!

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lovincotton said...

Salam mai,

dah lama dah jadik silent reader mai ni.I pun macam mai jugak..dah jadik WAHM ni since july 2010..

samelah situasi kita ni.bukan senang sebenarnye nak jadi WAHM.kadang2 orang ingat ala bekerja dari umah senang je kan.sebenarnyer banyak cabarannye. Tu yang kena wat jadual kalo nak kerja dari rumah.lebih2 lagi kita ni yang menjahit.macam2 nak watkan.kerja menjahit, potong kain, update blog, balas email, amik gambar, edit gambar, keluar poskan barang, jumpe supplier.tu belum kerja2 rumah lagik, masak, sidai kain, lipat kain, uruskan anak, layan anak, layan suami.wahh bz kan.of course lah timing akan lari.

ape2 pun kena banyak sabar( walaupun diri ni takle sabar mane) and wat keje dengan happy.walaupun rase stress jugaklaH.hehehe..tapi stress keje sendiri takpe.dari stress keje dgn org.tapi yang penting rase puas hati dan tak menyesal lagiklah kerja dari rumah ni…anak pun depan mata.dah tak perlu risau.Boring?xsempat lagik nak rase boring..

maaf mai….terpanjang pulak…