Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Jumper in action

Lola was the one asked me whether I do jumpers or not. I dont know earlier that this is easy. I was looking at the instruction in a book and I found it so difficult with so many pieces or maybe that particular design has lot of embellishment on it. And many more pattern I found in the internet are using a halter back design which I am not so fond of.

So, right after the Handmade Market, I sit down and draft the design.

I used a cheap fabric to make a sample and she did complain that, its hard for her to squat and I found out the bodice is quite big... Ok, so early Monday morning, I made another one. So that's it.

She wore this during her drawing class and later she went to play at the kids area and I saw that she was ok with all the jumping, running and all. So pattern passed (for me)! Only the problem when she was wearing this kind of clothing is, when she is going to the toilet, I have to take everything off and she was curious as well, why I do need to take off her clothes :D

Please comment.


sisdee said...

wah!! ala2 vintage..cantik!!!...

mai maybe bole letak button kot kat area bawah..mcm jumper baby kan .. tapi tak tau le sesuai tak kat budak besar kan :)

at least tak payah nk take off everything just the bottom jek..kalau sesuai le :)

NadiahKhair said...

aku xkenan part ropol2 kat bawah tuh.

maybe part kaki boleh buat mcm bloomers paras betis or short paras peha.

overall verdict: aku suka!!

NEEZAneedles said...

cantik.. stylo.. SUKA!!! :))

Yulie Elveera said...

bahu tu mmg kene ikat eh? nmpk nasya tinggiii sgt..

mazzuana said...

mai, aku rasa tang kaki tu macam kena carrot cut sikit then nampak lebih chumels. No ropol2 would be better.

Siti Fatimah said...

saya sgt suka... n i suka tgk model u tuh nak gaks dia posing2 if sofia jgn harap lah hihihi