Monday, March 7, 2011

Handmade Market - Empire SG, Subang

Hi all,
I am now recovering all my energy back from the market and the previous hectic week but looking forward to another more crazy weeks! :D

As some of you know, I joined another market last weekend. It was good but not as crazy as the JayaOne one (crazy in a good way :p) I didnt bring lots of new clothings as my sewing machine broke down a day before. And I didnt know how to fix it. Its a high speed machine and I wasted one day without sewing. So some of the skirts were left incompleted... are some pictures...The tables & chairs are nice but a bit small, but still I managed to put everything on the tables. This time around I put some pictures of the hats in the Ikea frames and next time , I should bring a mirror! Some of them asking for mirror..will go find one tomorrow :)

Chalkmat still there, those who is interested to buy, better buy now, dont ask me later on since those are the last pieces okay?

Thanks to those coming. I thought they will no one coming since the place quite confusing and many are not aware of that event, but some of them, managed to find it. Thanks and many thanks..The twitter friends who came and make me laugh and the loyal customers, thanks and thanks..

I sat beside Tini, who was so nice booking me the table..and we chatted alot, about biz, personal and seems like I can get along with Paul too! :)

After setting up the place. Behind me is a game room, where they can play PS there. So, some of the guys stand up in front of my booth and watch the screen inside the room :p

Try me!
Its a travel chalkmat. Made by a blogger friend- Ira, and you can let your kids occupied during outings. I know many people nowadays own a Ipod, Iphone, Ipad. So do I, but Im still an old-school type who loves to draw and doodle on real medium compared to the electronic gadget. Chalk is provided.

Sofia's mama is one of my loyal customer. She bought a lots since I first start selling. So this time around, she came, which I dont know she wanted to come and here Sofia showing off her doggie toy and a felt crown. A pretty little princess yeah? Thanks for the purchase Siti!

Omg, Yaya came with the family and bought these two hats. Both of them are adorable! Thats the beret I made. A cotton one and not the knitted cotton..A little artiste in the making... :) Thanks for the purchase Yaya!

Meal of the day.

Catch of the day :D Super happy..

Again, thanks to those coming and now Im gonna make lots of new clothes for the coming market (which I still dont know when..) Thanks and nice to meet all of you.

P/S - Im gonna do a giveaway sometimes this week, watch this space yeah?


nannoor said...

i saw tasneem!!! haha

yaya said...

hehehehhe gambar anak aku ade :)

Siti Fatimah said...

eeee sofia finally she post for you yeah....keep up ur gud work mai i will support u n my kids love ur products too :) we very satisfied customer!

Anita, Mummy Adzryl said...

hi mai! found ur blog from the bloggers. the chalkmat still available lagi tak? menarik lah! :D

Maizura Okinokiyo said...

Chalkmat still available..! Email me yea?