Thursday, March 31, 2011

Next Market !

I will be here! Again!

Since the last market was so awesome, Im so looking forward to this event. The last one market, I focused on clearing my past seasons items, so this time around, I am so excited to come out with the new range of stuff.

So, can you imagine how busy I am now? Thank god I have a so called assistant now. Eventho she is helping me part time, I hope she can help this for a longer period in the future. But, its just a hope. For this time being, Im enjoying her help and see if I can pay her more :D

What to expect other than sunhats? Dresses, skirts and more hats selections and colors and many more...I will sneak peak some of them on Nasya, so if I put her photos here and new skirts/dress etc, meaning those will be available on the market, InsyaAllah.

Till then, tata~

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