Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lots of them

....Sunhats, dresses and PILLOWS!

All of sudden, I got lots of pillow cases and pillows orders. Too bad that I didnt take much picture of them. You know why? Coz, I usually finished sewing very late at nite, and then, I straight away pack the orders so that my PosLaju Man will pick up the packages around 9-10am. The early morning is my time to fill in all the Poslaju forms and whatnot..so usually I only remember that I didnt take the photos after all the packages are sealed :S

Like below... :) Order from Jade~

Pillow cases from Nora CPM~

Custom order with customer's own fabric. This one, I will make one special entry for this. Coz she ordered few items..And Im enjoying every single seconds making it. Both fabric are so arghhh yummy! Love the skulls!!!

But, you know, I managed to escape recent weekend to my hometown, and I thought I can use this vintage machine. I managed fix it, but the stitch quality is not up to my standard. I guess, its the thread. An old one, so next time, I shall bring all my threads.. :)

Emm, what else, I should go to bed now, and prepare some of the orders that need to be posted tomorrow...Till then, bye :)


Little Parade said...

hi there! may i know the price for each pillow case? :) like the owl design! how do i order?

Maizura Okinokiyo said...

Hello ..
Price is differ based on the shapes/design/with and without the pillow insert.

Do email me for details yeah? info@okinokiyo.com


Jade said...

Omg, airin terus point out that pillow masa aku bukak fb.. Niceeeeee (and smpi skrg every night dia mencari bantal busuk baru sblm tido)