Monday, March 21, 2011

Travel Chalk Mat by Idoublera*

I feel so bad for not reviewing the chalk mat in this blog..Ok, this genius chalk mat was made by a dear blogger/twitter friend Ira. She is one creative lady that make things with love. You can browse her blog here > :)

She creates beautiful party for her kids and many more small little things I admire a lot! One day she asked me if she could put her chalk mat in my booth (Crafty Art Market & Handmade Market), within seconds I said YES! And Nasya is so lucky she got one for her early birthday present. Thanks Ira..You know how Nasya loves to draw so much!

Yeah yeah, my daughter is a lefthanded girl..

Nasya loves it so much. She loves to doodle and draw anywhere. Because this chalkmat is so handy , I bring it out whenever we go out. So while waiting for food, she can quietly draw. I can happily snap some pictures and tweet :)

This chalkmat comes with a chalk, but without a duster but it can easily be cleaned by a tissue or baby wipe..Some people do comment to me that this might be dusty etc, but to think about it, we are not using it all the time. And this is an IKEA MALA chalk, it is less dusty compared to our oldschool chalk. But still, dont get me wrong, I dont force people to buy, its up to you :). I do let my daughter to use and play with chalk because she only spend with it for few minutes when she feels like drawing on the mat...

Yes, it can be rolled like this!

And few pieces left. Do email me fast, before you regret okay? Price at RM45, and FREE SHIPPING offered for this one week!

Happy Monday!


ira said...

so sweet of you to make a review of the mat. thanks babe!:)

lookin fwd to our next coffee break meet up ;p

Maizura Okinokiyo said...

thanks to u too babe!! yeah2 i rasa mcm nak makan kat plan B, BV tu sedap ke?

Siti Fatimah said...

Chalkmat tuh ada lagik ker? my doter will love it so much u ada yg strawberry short cake tuh tak... pls dm me k tq :)

The Momster said...

Am interested in the chalk mat. Ada lagi tak?