Monday, April 18, 2011

NEW : The Leia Hat

Hi peeps!

For those who didnt know, I posted this hats last weekend *or was it Friday?* on OkinokiyoShop facebook. Yeah, this is the new hat. Now I gave name to them. Its The Leia Hat.

Quite complicated, but I like it so much. So does Nasya. She wears this day and nite. :) I used linen for this hat, and lined with kona cotton in white or any similar fabric. And its a non-reversible.

Price starts from RM60.

And this hat, will be one of the highlight at the bazaar end of this month. Will you be there? Have you block your calendar?

Jaya One, PJ. Saturday. 30 April 2011. 11am ~ 6pm.

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missbby said...

mai, aku nak hat nii...nakkkk!