Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hats and what else?

My husband challenged me to bring 100 hats to this weekend market - Crafty Art Market with variety designs. Designs here meaning pattern. Not the prints. So, Im cracking my head to come out with new ones within this limited time. I wanted to share here that, I fall in love with solid colors fabric as well..and now Im working a lot with corduroy, denims, linens..They are as adorable as the normal quilting cotton and sometimes I do think they are emmm BETTER? And they give the structured look for the hats Im making.

Well, actually we keep on changing plans and strategies. Part of me wanted to bring more clothings - dresses/skirts etc but my husband said, Im good at HATS. So do HATS. And I think he's right. So, yeah, no dresses/skirts. Only HATS.

As I mentioned in previous entry, I got a helper. None other than Yummy Mommy YAM! :p She stays nearby and although she's pregnant now, shes still willing to help and hopefully along the way, she managed to come out with her *something something* other than the lil one :D. All the best for her!

Im in a panic mode actually coz I dont know if Im close to 100 hats or not. Just to let you know Im still alive and....and ....and, I noticed some of you email me using the NOT WORKING EMAIL - info@okinokiyo.com. Please...please...do resend your email at okinkiyo@gmail.com okay?

Last but not least, isnt she adorable!! Haseena of Nannoor!!

Ok, now cutting mode again. Bye all and see you this weekend!

p/s - More prints and solid colors, linens and textures coming after the market.

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zaza said...

menyahut cabaran yer..nak g sana lah nanti..hehehe