Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tutorial : Freezer Paper Stenciling

The other day, when I had extra time, I let my daughter do this activity. Its the Freezer Paper stenciling. A lot of people did this already, but I havent do this with my daughter. I could not find any freezer paper in the hypermarket or Cold Storage, but I do find them at Cottage Patch, Ampang. Price is RM7.50 per meter. Expensive right? hmmmm...

Anyways, what you have to do is find any plain shirt. I used a tank top bought at FOS years back. :)

First - I draw any images to it - on the normal side. The other shining side is suppose to face the shirt. After that, cut it, You can decide on how to cut it, positive sides or negative sides. Depends on you..So, here is my images after I cut it.

Second - Put the shining side facing the shirt, the drawing side facing you, and iron on it until it sticks to the shirt.

*Please make sure you put the freezer paper inside too, shining side facing up*

Third - I used Fabric Paint by Dylon. Price at RM9.90 at Art Friend. You can find these at many other craft shops such as Craft World and Cottage Patch too.

This is the best part. Paint on it. After that, I peel the paper and let it dry.

Iron on it to set the color. And you're DONE.

This is the other sample I made for Nasya's t-shirt to match with the simple skirt. Pretty and perfect match eh? :D

Go try!

Happy Wednesday!

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