Friday, June 17, 2011

Ruffles Capri by Sandi Henderson

Nasya loves the new house environment coz she got plenty of space to run and go wild :p. EVERY day, we go out to the playground. Its either me or my husband will take turns, or sometimes both of us just bring her out. And I will try my best to run. :p

Compared to last year, I made lots of skirts and dresses for her, but this time around, I tried to make a capri, based on Sandi Henderson's pattern. She was the one who choose the fabric. I used Kamdar stripes fabric in plum and an imported ruler prints fabric for the ruffles. That fabric was planned to make her sleeping pants actually :D .

The cutting was airy and quite big, and gave her plenty of space to move.

One of the must play, and must ride - SWING!

Yeah, she cycled and we walked to the playground, which is so not far from our house.

Can you see the ruffles?

Full view!

The capri and ruffle pants will be one of the clothing during the Markets, Jaya One.

Have you block your calendar? :)


sisdee said...

nasya tinggi kan...dah cam anak dara :)

Maizura Okinokiyo said...

nasya kurus, so nampak tinggi...