Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Lollipops

Nope, its not that candy, it is this candy!

Love it? I love it so much! I have the idea of making this long time ago. But 2 reasons I didnt do it yet is 1- I cannot find bargain price for the 0.5" headband with no teeth and 2 - I cannot make a perfect lollipop flowers.

So, when Farah, wrote in her blog about making a rosette fabric, I quickly asked her, if she can make the rosette I want. I gave her the tutorial, and being a perfect person, she came out with few versions. Proactive. I like.

Here are some of the headbands I made for Urbanscapes and now are open for sale online.

Price is RM25 each, not including postage.

Blue II






Soft Green

Yellow II


Unique | No repetition colors & combination | Suitable for kids & fashionable adult | RM25 | Fun & Fresh Look

I have lots more, these are quarter of them.. To buy, just place order at

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Anonymous said...

utk bb umo 4 bulan xde ke?