Monday, July 25, 2011

Polka Dots Exhibition by Pipit

Last Saturday, I asked my husband if he wanted to go to Pipit Store. Usually he will asked, what is that, why do we have to go bla bla bla, but this time around, he said ok.

Pipit Store located along a terrace house at SS2, PJ. It was actually a terrace house, converted to a creative store. The downstairs is the famous lomo camera shop, The Click Shop and Pipit store is upstairs. It is a small room, with lots of beautifully crafted items. There are purses, pillows, tshirts, paintings and many more there. You just have to go to see it yourself.

Outside the room is the Polka Dots Exhibition. They showcase the products that have a polka dots in it..I captured my favourites as below.

Nasya enjoying the musical box there. Nasya wearing a merry go round skirt in Hot Air Balloon Prints.

And after we came out from the store, she said, she was happy because it was fun.I love what they have in there and planning to get the purse I saw.

Best thing about handmade/craft items is, you hardly see one person wearing/having the same item as yours coz usually, they are created uniquely just for you.

Happy Monday!


sisdee said...

eh comelnya purse n coins purse tu :O suke!!!

YUP actually handmade ni lebih sentimental value le for me...lagi dekat dgn jiwa cewah!!! hahahahah

ira said...

that's an awesome shop!
btw LOVE nasya's skirt