Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Festive season

Point forms..

  • Please please please please please dont place your order late. I hate to tell you this, but my ready made hats as Tini said "tinggal itu je?" (thats all left?) LOL
  • I take at least 3-4 days express with no sleep, no eating, no talking mode to complete your order, and 1 week time as a normal(eat, cook, bath, sleep, talk, jog, exercise, laugh, watch tv) homo sapiens to complete it.
  • Order here meaning, A order, B order, C order, D order. Like few people order combined in one day, cut and sew like mad :p. Nobody cut A, sew A, cut B, sew B <-- emm not that time efficient..
  • I cut, sew, pack, write address, wait for the postlaju man to come and pick (if I settled everything by 10am) and to go out and post by myself if I settle by 4pm.
  • Yup, another party included here, the Poslaju. So, its fasting month, err, they close at 4.30pm. I forgot that they fasting too :p. And whatt!!!??? They said, there will be a delay 1-2 days in delivery. Good thing is, online biz is so well here, and, bad thing is, you will get your package late.
  • So, if you like me, going balik kampung one day before raya or on that raya eve, you might get your package, else, its after raya. No fun kannn? I do delivery (I stretch myself if I can you know...) on Sunday.. Yup, this Sunday.
  • Oh wait, its closed already. As my little girl need baju raya too hehehehe
  • My customer service suxx big time, email delayed in response. Major sorry, coz, internet is so scarryyy for the time being.
  • House is (BIG) mess...
  • Myself is a MAJOR mess
  • Selamat Hari raya to all.
  • Maaf Zahir Batin.


shambie adzhan said...

org slalu fikir senang je nak jahit-jahit. padahal sangat time consuming! nak potong, iron, then potong again. pastu jahit, iron lagi...

kalau saya pon, saya jahit in bulk. like, today cut-cut. tomorrow sew labels, or benda2 kecik. day after that, baru la cantum-cantum semua and sew smpai siap!

TT___TT not easy.. not easy, tapi happy bila menjahit

selamat hari raya mai :)
and happy belated birthday!!

croft said...

Selamat Hari Raya, Mai. Jangan serabut2, enjoy the raya holiday to the max. Sian pulak I tgk u...