Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hunting for kindy

Nasya is being home-schooled for last 2 years since I resigned from my office job. It was fun but it can be tiring and mad if something went wrong, like I am piled with work and she decides to throw tantrum at the same day.

Any other than that is pure bliss. I don't love teaching until I see how she can absorb everything I thought her - the good thing I meant. So far, the last 2 years, I think Ive been doing a good job. She can read, counts, sings, talks and talks, socializes well with others. What else do you expect from a 4 year old kid right?

Nasya with a new dress inspired from Melmaureen's.

So today, after a neighbour open house, we went to look for her school. I have 3 in mind. So we go to the one out of circuit a bit. To our surprised, she was excited and cried when I asked her to go back inside the car. The school of course is locked because its Sunday!

I love that school coz it reminds me of my kindy. I went to Chinese kindy when I was small. Then the second school is a Islamic Montessori but I dont really like it, coz it looks like not well maintained from the outside. And the 3rd one is another Montessori at the same road, happen to be, next few doors from my sister's boyfy's house. What a coincidence.

BUT, if these 2 schools didnt meet our expectations, I might be homeschooling her until she goes to Std 1, but also have to enroll her to few classes to let her socialize.

Anyhoo, tomorrow we are going to these 2 schools and see the pro-cons of both schools. So, expect a delay reply on the emails, but will attend to it the soonest I get home.

I am not agree when people said, a home schooled kid doesnt mix with others well. It depends how the parents let/teach/allow her to socialize, I think.

Nasya first time meeting my sister's soon-to-be-niece & nephew. The bottom pix with grape inside her mouth LOL

Nasya first time meeting HER niece.

Nasya first time meeting Atika's daughter, Chempaka.

Really hope she knows that schooling starts next year, not tomorrow!

p/s - oh yes, I cut her hair short finally! phewww

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