Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I received lots of emails actually and notes from friends, saying, that they support what I do. They like what I make, but thing is, they cant buy it because 1) they have no kids 2) their kids dont wear hats.

I think, they think wrong. They can still support me, if they dont have kids & their kids dont wear hats. They can still support. By, promoting it, telling others, take my business cards, read and surf the page, read what I babbles or buy for other people kids. During the first Markets, where Crafty joined with Chicpop & Bettr Weekend, I have lots of customers coming, and they were teenagers. I myself surprised because they bought clothes, hats and small little things not for themselves, but for their nieces, nephews and bosses' kids. Surprised, but not surprised. And they are pure. Chic Pop customers mostly teenagers. They like first time seeing me, seeing the colorful hats. And they go crazy. They buy because they like it, even tho, they are teenagers. Still studying.

You can do too, apart from buying.

How? Like my page. More than enuff. This is not a plea. If you really like my stuff, you can like my page. Doesnt really matter your kids like or not wearing hats. Im so OK with that. Because, Im accepting the fact that not all kids wear hats. Not all people love the same things. Im truly 100% understand. I like Iphone, other people like Blackberry. Taste for each people is different. So OK with that.

Tell your friends, what you like about my stuff. I will love you more :) I love the words of mouth promotion, save a lot, and usually not bias, especially when your kids dont wear ones. If your kids wear my hats, bonus point! Ting!

Comment. Constructive comment in anything, please email me - okinokiyo@gmail.com. Because usually I will reply those personally eventho late, and sometimes, I will dig more. Who knows, one of the hat will be named after you because of the ideas given.

So, thats all I want to share. Supporting doesnt mean you have to buy. No. Please understand that. I dont want you to buy because you are my friends or my relatives. Supporting means a lot when you adore what I made, when my stuff "fills in the blank", when you share what is Okinokiyo with others, when you email me to see Okinokiyo grows and when you thank God when there's a hat in your bag when you really need it.

I love you all for reading, that is a support too, you know?


kaezrin said...

i buy for others... hehehehehhee anak sedara or spread the love by tweeting pictures..hehehehhee

love love love...

Anonymous said...

speaking of which, kain baru bila nak update nons?