Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tutorial : Batu Seremban

I have lots of scraps. Lots of it that sit in a few big boxes in the storeroom. So, yesterday, I decided to make small little things that called "Batu Seremban".

Its a traditional game for Malays, *Im not sure for other races tho* and played when we were little (at least for me). My grandma used to make this batu seremban for me & my sister and we played with our neighbour in our house anjung *some sort of balcony but at the front of the house and stairs at the end*.

And I was thinking that new generations nowadays, hardly knows the traditional games since they are lots of distractions called "gadget" :) Why not make one and at least my daughter can see me play, and teach her little by little. Its after all a game only that you're communicating and playing with others and having fun of course.

So, basically, the stuff you need is - rules, scissor, scraps, sewing machine and the content of the batu seremban (rice/nuts/beads) I used rice.

Measure your fabric. I used 2.5" x 2" for each "batu". Cut 5 pieces.

When you want to sew, set the size of stitch to small - I set it to approximately 1.5. Usually I used 2. Because, I decided to put in the rice, and I dont want the rice to come out when you play.

Then, start your sewing, from one end to another and leave some small opening at the end. Turn the fabric inside out. This one is a bit tedious since the opening is small.

This is the look after it has been turned, with the small opening.

Fill in the rice into the "batu". There is no fix amount to fill in the rice, it depends how soft or hard you want your batu to be. I put it slightly soft so that it is comfortable to play. Sew the end to close the opening.

Tadaaa! You're done!

Ok, now after all is done, whats next? I googled and found somebody already made the "how to play" it

Come on, try!!

**Since tomorrow is a public holiday, and if you have nothing to do other than staying at home do drop by at Bangkung Row at Bangsar. This is the map by the way. I maybe making few sets of this Batu Seremban since the bazaar tomorrow is about Malaysia in conjunction of Malaysia Day 16 Sept 2011

See you there!**


sisdee said...

lamanya tak main..anak kita pun tak pandai rasanya main huhuhu...dulu2 batu yg dpt mmg cantik2 (ala2 batu pantai) bagus gak idea mai buat nie hehehehhe...

klu ada extra kak dayah nk beli (bole ajar anak main ni compare to psp)

Maizura Okinokiyo said...

kak dayah : hahah nasya xreti gak. sbb dia xreti sambut lepas baling. so dia jeles jek tgk kite main. tp lawak gak la, sbb dah lama tak main, so lupa batu 6 mcmna hehehe. nasib baik ada org buat youtube.

alamaya said...

hehe...lama tol tak main batu seremban ni..masa kekecik selalu kene buli ngan abang dan kakak sebab tak terror main.....hehhe...