Monday, September 19, 2011

Art For Grabs - Annexe, CM.

Saturday was fun. Im looking forward for more (this kind) of Saturdays more in the future.

I marked in my calendar a month before that I must go to the Art For Grabs (AFG) in Central Market. So there we went, after an open house by a new neighbour, we went there by car. Tho we promised Nasya we were going there by train, we just had to change the plan since we were rushing to go to another open house that nite.

The crowd was walllahh! But when spoke to few sellers who were also Crafty Sellers, they said, there should be more. Like what?? Maybe due to many open houses that weekend. The roads to Central Market were also so clear! No traffic at all.

At one corner, Nasya stucked and couldnt move. She was so attracted to one crochet doll. I didnt expect that she wanted it because we bought her a new Hello Kitty toy set a day before. But can you see the look at her face, keep staring at the doll.

She even asked her dad whether she can have it. So the seller giving a discount for that doll before we asked it. Thanks! And I was aiming for this doll, but I didnt buy it :( Now I keep thinking about it! Best thing is, each doll has a different characteristics and stories behind. So unique!

Nasya's doll! Good thing is Nasya treasures all the toys. Even tho she's so lazy to put back things at their own place, but she plays with the toys well. Thats the reason we love to buy her toys. Same goes to books.

Some cute things around Annexe. We wandered around CM for one hour before we hopped the LRT to KL Sentral since Nasya kept saying "I wanna ride a train" for thousands time. Grabbed an ice cream there and went back to CM to get our car and then went home.

Packed but happy Saturday!

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