Monday, September 19, 2011

DIY : Braided Necklace and Bracelet from scraps

I surfed this morning what else can I do with my scraps. So I found one tutorial which is so awesome and straight away I made one.

Tutorial is from Cakies. My first attempt was the necklace and at first it was too short, then I added some more fabric and finally decided, the necklace should be mine :p

I plan to put some crochet flower at the side as an embellishment or you can put some charm as a pendant. So perfect!Link

Then came this little girl who was so jealous, so I made her a bracelet. So cute! I forgot where I put some cute charms I bought, so, I tied the end and the remaining I just let it loose like a flower.

Dont forget to sew on top of the braids to let it stays.

Very fun, cute and can be personalized up to your creativity. Thanks Rubyellen for sharing!

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