Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Personal sewing, own satisfaction

Sometimes, when the order is a lot, I usually get tense. Tense if I couldn't make it to the dateline, not tense of not wanting to sew. So what I do is, I take a break and I sew something for myself, or for Nasya. It makes me relax and I can unwind, and then, work will start again..

This time around, I sew pillowcases for us. First I sew our pillowcases. Since I am famous with the "fabric is not enough" phrase, what I did is to mismatched it. Purposely actually.

Fabric is from Kamdar.

Then, somebody got jealous, so I sew one for her too. Actually Nasya already has lots of custom pillowcases I made for her. Fabric is from Ikea.

Picture says a thousand words eh?

My sister got married, and her husband's side was here in Putrajaya. I was down with bad flu, I decided not to sew for the two girls, but, when I was lying in sick, I felt awkward of not doing anything. So I asked Nasya to grab the fabric, and I start sewing, the simplest thing I can make fast is either an A line skirt or a ruffle pants.

But since the wedding was at nite, I sew ruffle pants. With aircond and whatnot, pants were the best. :) They matched it with a plain white shirt. The photos below was before the event, I put them in a casual shirt before they got dirty and wet in sweat.

Oh yes, I made them a lollipop clip as a hair accessories. Simple and sweet.

Thanks to my nephew, Syafiq for the photos. ;)


Suzie said...

lawa pants tu...

sisdee said...

mmg cute n comel dorng dgr that pant..heheheh pas lega sikit kita nk order hahaahahah..

now nk buat korbankan kang terkejut lak nk order lagi :p syahmi dah bising tu asyik adik jek beli kat cik mai :p