Thursday, October 27, 2011

Layout for Crafty Market this Saturday @JayaOne


Here are the layout for this coming Crafty. I, as usual will share a booth with Tini from SnazzynSuch. Lucky we got a table at the corner, which is next to the lift! So we can accommodate our rails and hopefully it is not raining!

Our booth is at number 14, and at the G/B1 floor. Hints & tips. Find 7E and Nandos. We are behind 7E & Nandos. If you're going to park at the first level of the basement you enter, just go thru the lift near the Surau, you can see all of us, the crafty people :D

This is one of the Rorry hats for Crafty Market. My personal favourite... :)

Oh yes, there will be Batu Seremban sets too! Come get it and the $ goes to charity. :)

See you there!

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