Monday, October 31, 2011

Crafty Market 10 and Rorry Hat

Those who already followed me on Instagram and Twitter have already seen all these photos. Im now in love with this Rorry hat. Now Im thinking of some new styles to style this hat. But soon, I need to do some trial and error first and it involves of lots of waste ;p. We crafters love to waste (NOT!)

So that hat Nasya's wearing was meant for sale when she decided that she wanted that one. But it is actually my fav too!

That nite, I made another one and mix and match it with 2 different tone of browns. The inner is a brown toolbox fabric. Its not listed in the FB album as I forgot who is the designer. Will stock up more soon.

Still available tho. Size 1T.

This is from my husband's phone after I edited a bit. She was so into the hat heheh. Happy me!

I made her wear the pants made from the crossword puzzle fabric bought from Tini. Was meant to make a bag when I realized she got too many bags already. She loves the pants and when Im a bit free, I will snap total of that pants she has :p

About Crafty, I will only make an appearance during Crafty or any bazaar I joined. Why, coz my time other than that will be at home. If Im going for our weekly outing, I usually didnt bring the hats. So to those who really wants to touch and feel and try, please make your time during the bazaar. Doesnt mean you have to buy, you can custom when your size is not available there, but you will know how it looks like on your kids, which hats you like and etc. And usually you will get a discount when you buy at the bazaar (when you buy more like brooches/pins etc)

So, next bazaar will be on 17th December, Im coming out with new items. Please head over, to JayaOne again ok!!

Happy Monday to all of you!

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