Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wedding Preparations

Im such a cheater...My sister is getting married in 2 days and here I am, still in KL, and typing this post. All I did is making two flower girl dresses and the zipper bags..

Pattern by Olablehe and using white natural cotton, lined with peach lining and peach sash. And no, Im not taking orders for dress. This is only for my daughter and niece.

Zipper bags are for families & relatives.. hope they like them. And yes, Im opening orders for the zipper bags :)
...I still need to make the girls matching headband tho...


sisdee said...

oh best!!! hahahha..

tak sabar nk g sbb nk zipper bag bole? hahahah over tak?

see u there!! insyaallah..

ptg tu syahmi ada seminar kat landmark hotel :)

Maizura Okinokiyo said...

kak dayah: yeke? haa dtg cpt, sila cop dgn mak kite hahaha..kite tak bertanggungjawab kalau siapa yg xdpt masa tu hehehe

alamaya said...

banyak nya zipper bag......:))