Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Adapting to a new life

Now, I sleep early. That is my only ME time before it starts again at 6am next morning. But I am surprised that I am happy even though my connection is SO BAD in the office, I managed to live without my FB, twitter and blog for a while. Speaking of connection, I need to go to change to the new provider this weekend.

Anyways, the new job requires me to work long hours, but the portfolio Im having is so interesting that in between readings *the documentations and such* I have lots of ideas flowing in. Long hours but still balance, but you know when you have to deal with a I-cant-sleep kid at nite and I-am-sleepy kid in the morning, it really testing my patients. Last time we used to just carry her and let the nursery do everything, now, it is different. Yeah. God is testing us, managing time, business, personal things at one go.

Husband is really helping, when I have a teleconference late evening, he will rush pick up Nasya so that I can focus on my work. Alhamdulillah. Food is always ready at home. I made a home cooked food every Sunday and frozen it. So some of them will be pack for Nasya to her kindy, since she said, she still hungry and some of them for dinner and some of them is for me. Can you imagined how many I cook every Sunday? You cannot even imagine. Macam kenduri! From soups to asam pedas to masak kurma to sambal. Phew....

Business wise, I will come with a new products, complementing the hats, in December. Hopefully, all is well, running smoothly. Now Im still configuring, how, when, who, all are jumbling in my mind. Sometimes Im thinking of hiring a FB/Twitter admin just to help me tweet and update my FB status, and at the same time, helping me running to the post office to post orders since I go to office early and didnt use that post office route. See, things super micro like that, but really gives impact, big impact to this small business actually.

I've read some of the emails, really and some still unread. Forgive me ok? and I will make sure reading all of them, and reply them one by one. Sometimes, I feel like, and I know, Allah shows me this way, to lead me to another way, and to bring out my best to benefit others.

Now, lets sleep and dream where can I find that extra time??


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