Thursday, November 17, 2011

Everything is a cost

When doing a business as a part time, you tend to splurge almost every extra penny you have on the business. But when you own a business and solely use the business as an income, this is when every cents counts.

Those who agrees with the statement above I believe is people who knows business inside out, i might say.

When I was workign last time, I didnt do much tracking on how much I spent for this month for fabrics. But when I SIT on the business itself, I know I must do budgets. You dont want to overbudget buying fabric, buying unnecessary things... because at the end of the day, you want your accounts to balance.

Imagine, you have 200, to spend in a month for a business, if the business card itself cost 100, another 100 to buy stocks, promote, to pay domain name, do you think it is enough? So, balance is important.

Now as Im back at work, I almost went to my previous ME. I am now a contract staff. I dont get parking. So I have to park at the open parking. First day I come to work, I paid RM3 for the parking when I noticed that, it only up to 4.30pm. I went back at 6, felt so lega that the Majlis Bandaran didnt tow my car. 2nd day, I paid RM3.50 and its up to 6pm. 3rd day I thought of, ahh, I just paid for the monthly pass lah! Then it hit my mind, why, the other ppl, wanted to queue to that machine, not choosing the monthly parking pass?

Then I do the calculation. The parking paying system starts at 9-5 pm, weekdays only. The monthly parking cost RM60 per month. Divided by 20 working days, average is RM3 per day. A day parking from 9-5pm cost RM3.30. You can see, that you save RM0.30 per day, times 20 days, is like RM6 days a month.

But you dont see, is how many working days you are working for that month. As for November, there are 2 days of public holidays. And as for the company I work with, we have the flexiblity of working from home. Since you can plan ahead, why do we need to pay RM60 for a month, when I can save RM1 a month. Yes, just a little only, but as I mentioned to my husband, you will not have a thousand if u less a ringgit. This morning when I was queueing, a lady told me that the machine didnt detect a 10sen, so there, lose some more.

So, every cents counts.

I do calculate cost for business card, promotion, rental of booth, cost of envelopes, manpower, electricity bill, glue, celephone tapes, phone calls that are business related. That are cost they you need to add, minus, times and divides when you run your business.

Tell me IM right!! :D


suzie said...

betul tu tapi customer selalunya akan cari tukang jahit yg bg harga murah (as i am taking order for baju kurung etc) so,bila calculate balik...tak balik modal pon.. susah bila customer tak memahami kesukaran tukang jahit nih...huhuhuhu..

croft said...


One thing I love u when u started work again.....u write more to inspire others. :)

Welcome back!

SOHO Mama said...

Mai, yes every cent counts.
In my business cashflows, bila buat costing (esp for festive season/bulk orders), satu basket tu guna berapa panjang ribbons pun I kira. Memang menyusahkan but it's more precise & good for long term. Kan?

MyBotanG said...

you are right Mai, thank you for sharing.

My main problem is dealing with the different currencies and having account in 3 different countries - Malaysia (local bank), Japan and paypal.. money goes in into my account in Msia and paypal, but I need to fork out money from my account in Japan to pay for purchases.. Planning to have a better system in 2012.. insyaallah..