Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ec Festival

Phew, Im back at home, need to chiao a little bit earlier so that I can sleep early tonite for tomorrow. If only la, I do it full time, will stay till late coz Yuna & Hujan performing :p. Feel bad leaving Tini alone there...

Happy kiddo 1

Happy kiddo 2

Hot booth!

So far, it was fun, Nasya was having fun. Alhamdulillah not much damage done to the pocket. I was eyeing for Zara blazer, the front seller sell, but I was thinking, laterlah, until it rains :S.

Anyways, thanks to those coming, meet me next at Crafty Market, 17 December 2011!! The final bazaar of 2011 with new product coming in!

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