Monday, December 12, 2011


I actually enjoy my working life so much only that the morning part is a bit sleepy and slow. But after that, life feels so fast and energetic.

The colleagues I have now have this drive that Ive been looking for for quite sometime. The drive to move forward, achieve success and always hungry to learn something new and more than what they have. I love that kind of spirit actually.

I sadly, found this kind of spirit only in few people in the business lines. Sadly, more of them are taking things for granted. Maybe because business is only for fun, and not for passion and life. I, am the type that always looking forward, what have I achieved by the end of the day. I have only few hours of making things. If I can blog, FB (business-wise chat), exchange info, sew, cut apart from doing the house chores, that is A BIG achievement.

Don't you think that it is a must for us to achieve something to move forward, and by that, you have to do something at least?

I am really happy to be part of the company because I need that energy to move forward. I did few mini steps by un-following the negative energy from my twitter. Im sorry, but I just have to :)

Happy Monday to you all! Yes, Im on public holidays, but the business routines is as usual :)

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