Thursday, December 15, 2011

Saturday - The final Crafty Market in 2011

What to expect on Saturday?
Hats in variety colors, especially Rorry hat.

Im making a lot of choices, for girls and boys, in terms of colors and sizes. Hopefully I can cater for every one, insyaAllah.

The new product, MasyaAllah, I am so frustrated, half of it, fail my QC. But nevermind, I'll see if I can still make it. And I maybe a little bit late on Saturday, so I will be staying until 7 or after Maghrib, to cover my time. So if any of you want to come late, you may, but I cant guarantee that the choice of hats are still there yeah?

And Batu Seremban will be there too! Im making around 8-10 sets. So grab it fast. Flat RM5, all going to Rumah Aman.

So, plan your time, allocate the budget ;) and see you there!!

Place : JayaOne, PJ
When : 17 December 2011

Time : 10am-6pm (I will stay until Maghrib)
Booth Number : 1

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You know that I am working now, so this is the only time I can make to meet customers, and the only time you can buy the hats without the waiting period and you got to test them all....

Do come... :) See you there.!!

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