Sunday, December 25, 2011


Oh no! When was the last update??
Let me take this short time I have to write something.

I found out that if you dont ask, you dont get the answer. And no question is a dumb question. Its dumb when you not asking and pretend to know.

I met an uncle who is a successful entrepreneur - with his own label & product few weeks back. My husband was the one who asked him questions on how to grow. He shared it with us. With his layman words. Until now, the advise is right in my mind and me waiting time, to make it happen.

In crafty, I met another seller - Jenny who shares tips and tricks selling things on Etsy.

In work, I met my boss, who is younger than me, lady and a malay who I think the most intelligent person I met in my whole life working in the corporate world. She shares anything she knows with me and I am so amazed until now, how can she absorb so many information and if the calculation time is right, I am working longer than her.

Answer to all those above on how they get the answers is : experience & answer questions & dig the information.

Im going to share with you later, when I have the time all the information - craft-business-sales related when I got the time, ok? I practice some of them and most of them are totally new information for myself.


To you who are celebrating Xmas, Merry Christmas! Wish you to have a happy celebration with your loved ones and happy new year to all of you!

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