Monday, December 26, 2011

What's next?

Sometimes I just think that I need my husband to help me organize myself. :p

2012 is coming. We look back what have we done in 2011, what to improve and what to be done in the coming year. Since I have started working, I need to add in my commitment to work into my plan, and since my husband still in his current company he can help me a LOT because he got the time that I don't have.

I am a bit haywire, postage is late, and cant accept all orders unlike last time. We figure out the solution just now when discussing with the 2012 plan.

You can do it too, not necessarily you have a business to run, but in your daily life too. Start as simple as this:

List all 5 must do in 2012
List all 5 not going to do in 2012
List all 5 maybe doing in 2012

Then you elaborate and go deep into the topic. If you have more than 5, then list them all. Then do the timeline on when you want to achieve them, by dividing them into 4 quarter of the year.

Some people said, no need to do any resolution since you will not follow it, but for me, I always do it, and then I look back, what have I done, because I want to make sure I will spend a worth one whole year, not by doing nothing :)

Im going to list down mine by new year eve :)

Happy Tuesday to all!

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sisdee said...

actually list down tu lagi buat kita ingat..buat tak buat tu pd diri kita sbenarnya :)
at least ada reminder tuk diri sndiri :)