Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Instagram marketing

I registered Instagram long long long time ago, but 5 months back, I realized that Im already an Insta-addict.

First I only upload my day to day photos, then I was thinking why not upload my hats. Then I learnt to use the # tags and how to enjoy others photos. It is fun actually because for me Instagram is for people who wanted to show their interest in what they see, they do and they like.

I am amazed on how some people can creatively edit their photos because people like me, spend like few minutes admiring them and reading comments.

So I decided to make hashtag for Okinokiyo so that I will have the virtual directory to view my hats. FYI I snapped the photos usually right after I sew them. And edit the lighting and exposure so that the color is almost match the real color using Snapseed. I was lucky becoz I bought that snapseed for free! And now is at USD4.99.

And after that, I realized that some of my customers are the one who view the hats from Instagram itself and some of the existing customers snap their kids photos and publish them in Instagram. You guys should know how happy I am actually seeing them wearing Okinokiyo hats!

Ok now, guess what Im doing? Till the next post :D These are part of my 2012 to-do list ;)

Happy Wednesday!

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