Thursday, December 29, 2011


I started my 2012 with these 2 books. How about you?

The craft book is a boost actually for me as I already know the tips and tricks but sometimes I think, I need a book just to remind me...So yeah, bought that book in Kinokuniya. Actually my husband bought it for me. :D

Dale Carnegie's book, well, see if I can use that book in marketing my hats, nope actually thats for me to read if Im lacking in public speaking, coz I need to chair few meetings next year (work-wise) and I can count how many times I chair a meeting *butterfly in the stomach*..

And since today is last working day in 2011, I wish you all for the best year ahead, work hard and good luck!!


alamaya said...

macam best je buku yang kiri tu...nanti review eh mai...kalau best nak beli gakkk

sisdee said...

happy new year mai..:)

buku yg kita beli for 2012 adalah...buku sekolah syahmi hahahhahaa tuk kita ada tapi more pada keagamaan le kan. :)