Saturday, December 31, 2011

Welcoming the 2012

Tomorrow comes the new year, so here are the goals for Okinokiyo.

1. No boundaries
2. To grow
3. Better service
4. Hats only and only hats, no other than hats, for the 2012 at least.
5. Donate with arts and crafts

I am happy with my 2011, a lot of things I learnt/experienced which I ended up as a career woman and now juggling time as last 2 years. This, has been elaborated in previous posts..

Anyways, we (my husband and I) figured out the solution for late postage, time scheduling and hope the arrangement goes as planned.

2011 made me go public, as I planned/wished - The Sun, Wanita Hari Ini, Crafty Market and yesterday, the editor of Womens' Weekly Malaysia said, my hats were featured there! Only that, until now, I couldnt find the magazine in any news stand around my house. She emailed me the soft copy though..

Its a page of A-Z survival guides for parents. BUUUUUUUT, there is a typo at OKINOKIYO, it is stated there OkinokOyo. Oh Em Gee :p

Anyhow, I already highlighted this and hope if they couldnt find okinokoyo, they will try to google the name, and yeah, Okinokiyo will come out. :D I am so happpy actually because, you know why, I am a WW collector! I never miss a month of it and when the editor contacted me, I was over the moon :D And indeed, her email is a very happy news for me to start my 2012 :). *Thank you Rina, I feel like to hug you now, its a dream comes true*

I just hope that all the mission and goal is achieved and if not, what is learned along the way, will make me more experience in this line - business and kids fashion.

I have a new fabric suppliers and guess what, I am coming out with new label for it. What I mean here, is, my current woven label, the pink font label almost finish and I just realized and now is so clumsy to draft a new one! Im coming out with the new label with a new look but still the same brand name :D

New fabric suppliers, new label, what else?

Err, I dont think its challenging to reveal all of it here. Follow this blog, my FB page and you will know and you will see, what Im coming out with this new year.

Happy New Year to all my readers. I truly LOVE you all.


SOHO Mama said...

I must get that copy of MWW! My fave magazine tapi I lupa nak renew subscription ha haa..well done Mai. Actually I'm about to post something similar in my blog too, about 'going public'. Eh tapi bukan dalam 2011 la :P

Anonymous said...

very happy for you babe!here's to many more great achievement in this 2012 for okinokiyo :)