Monday, January 16, 2012

Spam and Im sorry

I woke up this morning and saw I got DMs on my business & personal twitter accounts. I was so curious to see this message and made me click the link.

Come on, when you have a business, all you want to do is to have a good reputation. I believe in word of mouth marketing, so when I got this message, I, without searching, click.

And yes, it was spam! Argh! In few minutes, the spam, auto spamming my followers and I got few notifications and messages from my followers whether I have sent them DM or not. I was driving that time and the notification alert really disturbing because I know I already spamming others.

So, what you should do, when you got a DM or read a timeline with a suspicious link, DO NOT click. Just ignore and notify the person about the spam and she can change her password after that. That was what I did after I know I already spam others :S

Thank you for those who informed me this morning!! Really appreciate that.

Gonna work a lil bit and pop here more often! Till then, xoxo

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